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Welcome to Lewt Ninja: The Card Game. 

The game about collecting treasure, weapons, and armor from monsters or your friends. In Lewt Ninja, each player takes will choose from one of the five Hero Class Characters and as a group go on an epic adventure traversing through a monster-infested dungeon, looting and plundering. Your goal is to find all 8 pieces of your hero’s magical armor and gather as much sweet loot that your bags can carry. Beware of your fellow heroes, as they will try to steal your loot for themselves at every opportunity. Lewt Ninja is a strategy card game in which each player attempts to gather treasure, either by winning it from monsters or stealing it from other members of their party.

So come on and become an Epic Hero, join with friends and loot evil monsters and then…… loot your friends.
Players: 2-5

Game Time: 60 minutes. 

The game comes with:
40 – Monster Cards
58 – Loot Cards
81 – Player Action Cards
10 – Character Class Hero Cards

Players will choose to play as a:
Holy Monk
Shield Knight
....and Lewt their way to the top.

Game Images

Hero Cards

Action Cards


How to play
Lewt Ninja

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